Three Definite Signs to Know When is Ovulation Period for You

Trying to conceive a baby at this moment? Well then, there is no question that you need to know when is ovulation periodfor you so you can start making… err, “plans” for having a baby! Indeed, many kits are now available where “predicting” your ovulation is as easy as a snap!

But of course, the onus for having a “successful” ovulation is still dependent on your awareness of the changes happening within your body. Who knows, you can even determine the gender of your baby if you get very good at it!

So, how can you be good at it, then? Well, we’ve got the right ovulation tips for you to follow this time around! Read below for more!

when is ovulation

  1. Knowing when it’s “due”

This may be a “classic” formula for determining ovulation, but it’s still one that works, nevertheless. “Proper” ovulation occurs during the halfway point of your menstrual cycle. Whilst the “average” cycle is 28 days, women with more irregular cycles may find it hard to keep track of theirs.

If nothing else, it’s best if you chart out a “menstrual calendar” where you can keep track of your usual cycles. Not everyone has the same cycle as you do, after all, and that should also reflect on this purpose, too!

  1. Knowing how “hot” you are

If you think we’re suggesting this item along more “salacious” lines, then that can work for this purpose. However, we’re LITERALLY talking about the “hotness” of your temperature: mainly, you will know how your body will be ready for ovulation once it does become hot for it to do so.

when is ovulation period

How can you chart your inner body temperature, though? Well, this is where having a basal body thermometer can prove to be really helpful for this purpose; by taking note of the “increased” heat in your body in the latter half of your menstrual cycle as a sign that progesterone is now increasing, it can tell you directly that your uterus is now ready to “fertilise” an egg! Easy, right?

  1. Knowing the right kind of “pain”

Women have one of the most “intuitive” bodies in this world, so it will come as no surprise that, if you’re a woman reading this piece, then you’re keenly aware of any changes that your body is trying to tell you at any one time.

And one of the best indicators that you’re already ovulating? Well, it’s by feeling “pain”—specifically, in your lower abdominal area. This will manifest itself as a series of cramps where it simply racks your body with it for seemingly no reason at all. Well, as it turns out, this is actually a sign that the “egg” you’ll be releasing in your monthly menstrual cycle is about to mature, and this is one of the subtle ways your body is telling you about it!

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So, do you know when is ovulation periodalready? Well, we certainly hope so! Here’s to a happy time conceiving!

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