When is Thanksgiving, and What are the Best Ways to Celebrate It?

Thanksgiving is rapidly becoming one of the most popular “holidays” in the world right now, complete with its own sets of history and tradition, to boot. But of course, you’re always left with the impression as to why you may even need to celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place! Well, if you know when is Thanksgivingheld—which is this Thursday, by the way—then you’re qualified enough to celebrate it for you and your family!

Of course, if you’re not familiar with how Thanksgiving is celebrated elsewhere, then you might wonder how you can start doing so. So, it’s a good thing that you’re here, then! Here are the top tips you can choose to observe when you’re celebrating Thanksgiving!

When is Thanksgiving

  1. Getting turkeys

In the US, turkey farms are whole cottage industry upon itself, with over 88 per cent of Americans consuming loads of it on one single day. Thankfully, it’s not THAT big of a deal yet, which means that you don’t have to worry about consuming a turkey on your area that is full of antibiotics compared to those breeds living in the States!

Of course, you can always choose the alternative course and buy “turkey” made from tofu. Or, if you think turkey’s not your thing, then you can always look for other meat sources to consume on that day! As long as you can put it in a barbecue grill, then it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you remind yourself of the reason you’re celebrating in the first place!

  1. Playing football (the American kind, that is)

Of course, nothing says an “American” holiday like playing some rough-and-tumble sports along with it. And for this purpose, this is why its practitioners play American football as part of the whole proceedings!

football games

However, unlike Thanksgiving in the US, you don’t have the NFL on the telly to distract you from your hunger whilst the turkey is cooking. So, with that said, you actually have all the reason in the world to play the game! Of course, it doesn’t even need to be football; rugby is as rough an equivalent to American football as any sport there is in the world, so you can even play a backyard game of it right before dinnertime comes!

  1. Being “thankful” for all the things you have

Now, this is where the true purpose of Thanksgiving lies: with so many things occupying us on our daily lives, it is important for us to remember how we should be thankful for all the blessings we have been receiving ever since the day we were born. And really, it does not even have to be a religious thing: Thanksgiving is a reminder of our shared humanity, and this is the day where we can remind ourselves that there is a lot to be thankful for: family, friends, career, the chance to go crazy every now and then—ANYTHING at all!

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So, have you figured out how you When is Thanksgiving for you? Well, whenever it may be, we hope you still have the chance to celebrate it joyfully!

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