Who is Sia Furler, and What are the Lessons We can Learn From Her?

Sia Furler is probably one of the most unlikely pop stars to have emerged from this decade. And really, other than the fact that, like Iggy Azalea, she’s a fellow Aussie,  and she even have the preternatural “quirks” that make her stand out amongst her artistic peers. So, with that said, the question that you should ask yourself is, “Who is Sia Furler, exactly?”

Well, worry not, since we’re here to help you out discover why this once-in-a-generation hype is worth all your attention—and she can even teach you a thing or two about life! Here are three of the things that you need to know about her below:

Who is Sia Furler

  1. She’s a longtime vet of the music industry

For many people around the world, Sia’s ascent to the top seems like it came from nowhere. However, it’s really not fair to categorise her as an out-of-the-blue talent, since her popularity stems from the fact that she really worked hard for it as much as it being the product of marketing above anything else.

So, how long has she been doing her thing now? Well, she started performing during the mid-‘90s—so yes, she’s really been plugging at her for almost 20 years already! It’s remarkable how she even never considered even quitting just once in between those years when she was barely able to make a living through her art.

So, the lesson for this? If you really love what you’re doing, then success will eventually come to you—you just have to work hard for it, is all.

  1. She had her songs sung by artists more “famous” than her

As part of Sia “paying her dues” in the music industry, she proved she was willing to work with other artists. And by “work with”, we essentially mean that she was basically writing songs for them. And if you’ve been attuned to the world of pop music ever since it was invented, then you’d know that much of the credit goes to the singer rather than the one who wrote the song. It seemed like she didn’t mind, though.

Who is Sia

And really, all of the artists she wrote songs for read like a who’s who of pop royalty: Rihanna, Jessie J, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and the indomitable Beyonce, just to name amongst a few. The songs she composed for them were insanely popular, too; if you want a sampling of what she had written, this article offers a pretty comprehensive listing of it.

So, the lesson for it? It pays in the long run to collaborate with your peers in the industry—they’re often the ones who can vouch for your talent, more than anyone else.

  1. She still remained true to herself even despite the success

If there can be one barometer that Sia is an artist of the highest order, then it is probably her refusal to succumb to the trappings of fame even when she’s currently experiencing the peak of it. She’s infamous for being publicity-shy, and she didn’t even hesitate cancelling a series of high-paying shows when she suddenly suffered from Grave’s Disease a few years ago. Clearly, she still has her fierce personality intact, and it only added to the mystique of her.

So, the lesson for it? You don’t have to change yourself for anything or anyone; as long as you’re comfortable in your skin, then people will genuinely accept you for what you are.

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So, does this answer your “Who is Sia Furler” question? Well, we surely hope it did!

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