Why Do Tourists Visit Malaysia: Three “Amazing” Reasons

If Southeast Asian tourist hubs happen to be the topic that you may have talked with your friends at one point, then it’s a possibility that not anyone of you have ever bothered to raise Malaysia as your destination of choice. And really, what reason is there? It seems like Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore have all trumped Malaysia in that regard, and those three get to be “marketed” even more heavily than usual. But still, the question remains:  why do tourists visit Malaysia?

Well, as it turns out, there are a whole slew of reasons as to why many people still prefer going to Malaysia over everything else. And really, the numbers do not lie. If you’re still not convinced as to why you may possibly need to book a flight there ASAP, then it’s a good thing that you’re still reading up to this point, then! Here below, in no particular order, are the factors which should surely spur you to visiting the country on a whim!

why do tourists visit Malaysia

  1. A mixed culture

If you have managed to catch the various iterations of the “Malaysia, Truly Asia” ad campaign when it was showing on the telly, then you would probably have gotten a vague idea of the things you can expect from the country: a mish-mash of common Asian traditions existing alongside the trappings of globalization. And as it turns out, that reductive concept of Malaysia as a whole isn’t really far off from what it really is in real life!

Malaysia, just like many of its Southeast Asian neighbors, is home to a majority of Malays, with ethnic Chinese and Indian citizens comprising the “minority” of its population. However, whatever “difference” their respective cultures may have with each other has been largely respected; you can actually see Buddhist temples standing across from Catholic churches, for one! In effect, this lets you give a “taste” of what other cultures can provide for you by simply trawling just one place! And speaking of tastes…

  1. Fusion foodies

If there is one thing that the “mixed ethnicity” culture of Malaysia has brought to tourists ever since the turn of the millennium, then it most likely has to do with something as essential as food. Yep, if you ever wanted to “travel” the world through a more gustatory experience, then there’s no better way to really do it than in Malaysia!

malaysian food street

For one, if you choose to partake a sampling of Malaysia’s wide variety of “street food”, then you can see for yourself how traditional Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine get its own “versions” in this country. Mixing curry with leomongrass? Sure! How about noodle soup mixed with anchovies? Why not?! Nothing is too weird or too fancy for Malaysian cuisine, which means that every eat-out here will always be an adventure!

  1. Nature trips

Of course, we now go to the main reason why many of us go to lengths to visit a country that we barely even know of: its natural resources. The nice thing about this is that whatever your fancy may be in this matter, Malaysia’s surely got you covered on it! How so?

Well, for one, the beaches in Redang and Langkawi contain some of the most impressive beachside views you can ever enjoy for your purpose. However, if you’re looking for something more than laying about while enjoying a drink on the beach front, then maybe visiting the preserved jungles of Borneo will slake that “adventurous” thirst you may have in you. Heck, you can even go up to World Heritage-approved Mount Kinabalu and see what the fuss is all about there!

mount kinabalu sunrise

So, does these above answers your questions as to why tourists visit Malaysia? Well, we certainly hope so!

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