Three Crazy Reasons as To Why is Goat Simulator so Popular

So, now we have come to the point that a videogame about goats, of all things, is selling like hotcakes. And really, why wouldn’t it be? It contains all of the hallmarks of what a “modern” video game is, and just like any of its “casual” competitors that came out before and after it, it contains enough cultural cache for everyone to know what Goat Simulator even is! So, now we tackle the question: why is Goat Simulator so popular, then?

Well, can we just say that, despite its initial imagery, it’s just FUN? But of course, you want more reasons than that, surely! So, without further ado, here are the reasons below that are so bonkers that you wouldn’t even have to question the popularity of such a game like Goat Simulator! Read on below for more!

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  1. Goat Simulator is relatively cheap

Videogames are everywhere these days, that’s for sure. However, a “proper” one should set you back hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Just imagine this: you have to buy a separate console for your telly or build a monstrous computer gaming rig from the ground up to play any of these games. And once you DO decide to get either of these two, then you now have to contend with the fact that you still have to buy the games that you have to feed into your system. And the cost of buying a relatively new release? Well, it’s just $100—$40 more than what US gamers are enjoying with their new releases. And hardcore gamers still struggle to think as to how “gaming” is not an art? Frankly, it’s because we have to endure some ridiculously steep barriers to entry like these.

So, it should come as no surprise that Goat Simulator provides an antidote to all those expensive nonsense. When it was released last year on online gaming platform Steam, it did so at a very affordable price of $13. It’s not free, but at least it’s got a price point that won’t surely break your wallet. Heck, we can practically end our argument right here!

  1. Goat Simulator has an awesome modding community

Just like any PC game, Goat Simulator has its share of a passionate community of modders. So far, those playing the game have been exposed to alien-goats, devil-goats, and a full-blown roleplaying game (which is actually released for FREE, might we add).

why is Goat Simulator so popular

So, in an era of videogames where many of the industry’s consumers are being treated like that—consumers—it should come as very refreshing for a game to allow for its users to do with it whatever they wish. And really, isn’t that what the purpose of a “game” is all about? Now, with that said, this next point below should highlight to you how important Goat Simulator is to the modern gaming culture…

  1. Goat Simulator is just, let’s face it, FUN

The recent public conversation related to videogaming was not a wholly positive one, and it’s thanks to a recent conspiracy theory that has run out of control. Today’s “gamers” are not the kids who are attempting to beat Super Mario on their 8-bit consoles now—all of them have grown up, and some of them have brought with them the same attitudes they had towards gaming when they were younger. So, what are the kinds of videogames we have been saddled with now? Well, a whole lot of them involve shooting and stabbing at living beings—human or otherwise—and many of them can look awfully the same.

So, this is where Goat Simulator’s appeal come from: it doesn’t seem out of place in today’s gaming landscape—indeed, it even takes many tropes that are inherent to the world the game is populating in—but it does so in a way that doesn’t force conflict onto the player. You really can do ANYTHING you want there, but you can do so without having to inflict violence in any one of the characters that are populating the world of Goat Simulator. Now, it sounds like this game carries the solution to world peace, and maybe it is! Who knows?

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So, does these above answer the question as to why is Goat Simulator so popular? Well, we hope you enjoy your time with the game nonetheless!

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