Wire writing secrets ebook review uncovers an easy-to-follow guide to make wire name jewelry

Wire Writing Secrets Ebook Review Exposes A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Wire Name Jewelry

If you are searching for a guide to make wire name jewelry, try reading Wire Writing Secret ebook review and it will be the most practical guide for you to follow ever!

  1. What Is Wire Writing Secrets?
  2. What Are The Features Of This Program?
  3. What Are The Content Of The Guidebook?
  4. How Much Does The Program Cost?
  5. Does The Book Come With Any Guarantee?
  6. Does The Author Offer Any Support?

wire writing secrets ebook

What Is Wire Writing Secrets?

Wire Writing Secrets is a 162-page guidebook that is packed with photographs and step-by-step instruction to make wire name jewelry and get successful in this business. Andy Turner is the developer of this program. He is a wire name jewelry maker and he has been working in this business for over 25 years. With his experience in this field, he conducted the guidebook to help other people master wire writing techniques and get more profits in their business. What are you planning to open a wire name jewelry workshop? Are you excited at making money at different craft shows, events and market with your name jewelry products? Keep reading the next parts of the Wire Writing Secret ebook review to get reliable information about it first!

wire writing secrets ebook review

What Are The Features Of This Program?

According to the author, it’s not hard to learn jewelry designing skills for everyone. Plus, if you learn this program, it is possible for you to generate over 1,000 of profits per week with a few tools. For more details, the program is featured as follows:

– This is specialized program focusing on guiding you to make wire name jewelry.

– The program included ancient skills to write name on wire

– Business strategies to boost more profits revealed by a 25-year wire name jewelry maker.

– You will learn tips and plans to set up your business without wasting time, money and energy.

– The author uncovers tips on how to sell your product at weekend events and markets.

What Are The Content Of The Guidebook?

Here are the main contents of the knowledge you will learn from this comprehensive system:

  • Page 6 – 10: Starter Tools to make wire name jewelry
  • Page 10 – 12: how to use different types of wire to make name jewelry
  • Page 12 – 14: Techniques to grip and fix the pliers
  • Page 16 – 24: An overview of loops and Wire Bends in letters (Pages 16 – 24)
  • Page 26 – 74: The guide to create capital letters with full instructions and diagrams
  • Page 76 – 125: the instruction to create lower case letters
  • Page 127: The techniques to embellish names with heart-shaped symbols
  • Page 130: Easy-to-follow instructions to create a name pendant
  • Page 135: The guide to create name pins
  • Pages 138 – 142: how to combine different letters in a name
  • Page 145 – 147: The Booth setup
  • Page 148 – 149: How to sell wire names
  • Page 150 – 160: The detailed instruction to create numbers from 0 to 9 in wire

Below are some success stories from people who experience this comprehensive program:

wire writing secrets review Dennis Rietwyk and Lan Haidley

wire writing secrets oder

Beside this guide to make wire name jewelry, you can check out other programs to make homemade craft products such as Wire Work Secrets For Jewelry Makers and One Stop Macrame Shop.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The following are details of items you will get from the program:

– Item 1: Wire Writing Secrets Ebook – real value $97

– Item 2: 20 Tips To Make A Personalized Wire Name – real value $9.95

– Item 3: Video Files – real value $14.95

– Item 4: Cheat Sheet – real value $9.95

– Item 5: List Of Female Names – real value $14.95

– Item 6: List Of Male Names – real value $14.95

The total value of the program is worth $161.75. But, if you take action right now, it will be yours for just $49. Sounds good, right?

Does The Book Come With Any Guarantee?

Yes! This book comes with a full 3-month 100% ironclad money back guarantee. With this offer, you can order and test the program without any risk at all. For any reason you don’t like it, you can get all your refund. Look at Andy Turner’s claim below!

wire writing secrets Guarantee

Does The Author Offer Any Support?

Yes! The author Andy Turner would love to help you learn his experience in making wire name jewelry. For any request of support, please go to the contact page to ask him.

In addition, all of you can search for more information and frequently asked questions on the FAQ.

For any question and comment about my Wire Writing Secret Ebook review, show it here, at the end of the post!

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